地震英文怎麼說?昨晚發生的大地震,把整個台灣都震醒了!這是一篇來自CNN的報導,我們就依照這一篇來學學地震英文吧! #天佑台灣


Scores missing after deadly 6.4‑magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan

這裡標題s­core miss­ing 指的是失蹤統計

  • dead­ly adj. 致命的
  • mag­ni­tude n. 震度、強度、大小
  • earth­quake n. 地震
  • strike v. 打擊、重創


145 people reported missing


The quake was centered in the East China Sea about 21 kilometers to the north of Hualien


  • cen­ter n. 中心 v. 集中、環繞
  • kilo­me­ter n. 公里
  • quake=earthquake n. 地震
  • East Chi­na Sea 東海

At least four people are dead and 225 injured — including tourists — after a 6.4‑magnitude earthquake struck just off the east coast of Taiwan late Tuesday, local police said.


  • at least adv. 至少
  • injure v. 受傷
  • include v. 包含
  • tourist n. 觀光客
  • east cost 東岸
  • local adj. 當地的

As of Wednesday morning 145 people were unaccounted for, according to CNA, Taiwan’s official news agency, with four buildings in the area either tilting or already collapsed.


  • as of 截至
  • unac­count­ed for adj. 下落不明的、不明確的
  • CNA (Cen­tral News Agency) 中央社
  • offi­cial adj. 官方的
  • tile v./n. 傾斜
  • col­lapse v./n. 倒塌、坍方
  • either…or… 不是…就是…

The quake was centered in the East China Sea about 21 kilometers (13 miles) north of the city of Hualien. Light shaking was felt in the capital of Taipei, about 120 kilometers north of Hualien, according to reports sent to the US Geological Survey.

(地震發生在花蓮以北21公里(13英里)以東的東海。 根據給美國地質調查局的報告,在花蓮市以北約120公里處的首都台北,則感受到輕微的震動)。

  • accord­ing to 根據
  • geo­log­i­cal adj. 地質的
  • sur­vey v./n. 調查

The Marshal Hotel in downtown Hualien was one of the buildings that collapsed, Jeff Lin with the Hualien Police Department said.

(花蓮警察局的­J­eff Lin表示,花蓮市中心的統帥大飯店是倒塌的建築之一。)

  • mar­shal n. 元帥
  • down­town n. 市中心
  • police depart­ment n. 警察局

About 400 rescue workers scrambled to locate people, and a crane was brought in to help, footage from CNN affiliate SET TV showed. One building apparently had collapsed onto what once was the ground floor.

(美國有線電視新聞網CNN旗下的電視台SET TV的錄像顯示,大約有400名救援人員忙著找人,還有一台吊車被送進來幫忙,一棟大樓顯然已經倒塌到地面層。)

  • res­cue v. 拯救、搶救
  • scram­ble v. 搶、爭奪
  • locate v. 定位
  • crane n. 起重機、吊車
  • footage n. 鏡頭
  • affil­i­ate n. 子公司
  • appar­ent­ly adv. 顯然地
  • once adv. 曾經
  • ground floor n. 地面層

The injured are mainly from the Marshal Hotel, and a few of the injured were in the city buildings. One hotel employee was rescued from the basement and three others remain missing, officials said.

(傷者主要來自統帥大飯店,少數傷者來自市區的建築物內。官方表示, 一名飯店員工從地下室被救出,尚有三名失踪。)

  • employ­ee n. 僱員、員工
  • base­ment n. 地下室
  • remain v. 保持

At least 50 Japanese tourists were among the injured, a Hualien City police dispatcher said.


  • dis­patch­er n. 調度員

At least one bridge, badly damaged by the earthquake, has been partially reopened by police to traffic, Taiwan’s official news agency CNA said.


  • bridge n. 橋樑
  • dam­age v. 破壞
  • par­tial­ly adv. 部分地
  • reopen v. 重新開放

A 5.4 aftershock hit near Hualien City shortly after the larger earthquake, according to the USGS. There have been several other strong quakes in the area in the last few days.

(根據美國地質調查局的數據,在大地震發生後不久,花蓮市附近發生了5.4級的餘震。 在過去的幾天裡,該地區還發生過其他幾起強烈的地震。)

  • after­shock n. 餘震
  • hit v. 擊打
  • USGS 美國地質調查局 US Geo­log­i­cal Survey

Cellphone video from Hualien City shows a large building leaning at a dangerous angle as sirens are heard in the background. The video shows people gathering near the building and shining flashlights on windows.

(來自花蓮市的手機錄影顯示了一個大型建築正以一個危險的角度傾斜,背景響著警報聲。 這段影像顯示人們聚集在那棟大樓附近,並且以手電筒往窗戶照去。)

  • cell­phone n. 手機
  • dan­ger­ous adj. 危險的
  • angle n. 角度
  • siren n. 警笛
  • back­ground n. 背景
  • gath­er v. 聚集
  • shine v. 閃耀
  • flash­light n. 手電筒

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen thanked first responders in a tweet.

Thank you to our first responders for their tireless efforts in #Hualien,” she said. “Rescue operations have been continuing night & day. Right now 145 people remain unaccounted for — we will not rest until all are found.”

(台灣總統蔡英文發推特感謝急救人員。她說:“感謝我們的急救人員在花蓮的不懈努力。救援行動一直在晝夜進行,現在有145人下落不明 — 只有找到所有人,我們才會休息。”)

  • respon­der n. 急救人員
  • tire­less adj. 不知疲倦的
  • effort n. 努力
  • oper­a­tion n. 行動、作業、手術
  • con­tin­ue adj. 持續的

Flights to the Hualien area have been canceled, Hsu Kuo-Yung, the spokesperson for the Taiwanese government, said in a news conference shown on SET TV.

Hsu Kuo-Yung said the railway department hasn’t given a full status report of the damage yet but he said it seems the railways have not been damaged much. Some roads have been damaged.


  • flight n. 航班
  • can­cel v. 取消
  • spokesper­son n. 發言人
  • gov­ern­ment n. 政府
  • con­fer­ence n. 會議
  • rail­way n. 鐵路
  • sta­tus n. 情況、狀態

Nerves are jangled’ 神經緊繃

Laura Lo, a worker at the 7‑Eleven convenience store across the street from the Marshal Hotel, said the first and second floors of the hotel appeared to be severely damaged and police officers were conducting rescue operations there.

Her store also suffered broken glass from the quake, she said, and many roads in the area were closed.

(統帥大飯店對面的7-Eleven的Lau­ra Lo說,該飯店的一樓和二樓似乎已經嚴重受損,警方正在那裡進行救援行動。她說,她的商店內也有很多碎玻璃,該地區的許多道路都被關閉了。)

  • con­ve­nience store n. 便利商店
  • appear v. 顯現、呈現
  • severe adj. 嚴重的
  • police offi­cer n. 員警
  • con­duct v. 指揮、進行
  • suf­fer v. 遭受、受苦

An employee at the Park City Hotel down the street told CNN that he felt the quake but there was no damage at his location.


  • loca­tion n. 地點

Margaret K. Lewis, a Seton Hall University Law School professor living in Taipei, said she felt prolonged swaying at her modern high-rise apartment building in Beitou District, in the northern part of the city.

(居住在台北的西東大學法學院教授­Mar­garet K. Lewis表示,她在北投區的現代高層公寓中感到長時間的搖晃。)

  • Law School 法學院
  • pro­fes­sor n. 教授
  • pro­longed adj.  經久的、拖延的
  • sway v. 搖擺、晃動
  • mod­ern adj. 現代的
  • high-rise adj. 高樓層的
  • apart­ment n. 公寓
  • dis­trict n. 區
  • north­ern adj. 北方的

Nothing broken, and two children slept peacefully through the event. We have since felt a few mild aftershocks,” Lewis said in an email. “Nerves are jangled, but otherwise all appears well. I have not been outside to look for damage, but my expectation is that my area is generally fine.”

(Lewis在一封電子郵件中說道:“沒有任何損壞,兩個孩子在這次事件中安然睡著,在那之後我們有感受到一些溫和的餘震。 神經很緊繃,其他一切都很好,我沒有去外面查看,但是我想在我這個區域大致上是沒什麼問題的。”)

  • bro­ken adj. 損壞的
  • peace­ful­ly adv. 平靜地
  • mild adj. 溫和的
  • nerve n. 神經
  • jan­gled v. 爭吵
  • oth­er­wise adv. 除此之外
  • expec­ta­tion n. 期望
  • gen­er­al­ly adv. 大致上地






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