• Dear annayeh or teacher:
    Thank for your kind encour­ag­ment and cor­rec­tion. Now, my con­fi­dence of Eng­lish shines again after receiv­ing my teacher’s letter,saying that much effort need­ed put on sen­tence struc­ture on Thurs­day. More impor­tant­ly, your feed­back toward the short pas­sage makes me dis­cov­ery the true weak­ness i have,chinese Eng­lish. ha ha. I was proud of Eng­lish abil­i­ty when i was in high school. Now, build­ing the brand­new con­fi­dence of Eng­lish emerges as the short-term goal i am going to real­ize. As a student,MBA degree, i study in Kaoh­si­ung. Nice to meet you. Thanks.<br />

    best regards,